What Can You Fit in a Loft-Style Condo Unit?

Admin June 11, 2024

The loft-style condominium unit is usually characterized by its open floor plan and high ceilings. It typically has few internal walls, which means areas like the living room, kitchen, and bedroom might all be in one big open area. It is a spacious, well-ventilated apartment with a trendy, urban feel that offers a versatile space that can be customized for various uses to suit different needs and lifestyles.

If you’re thinking about moving to a loft-style unit and wondering what you can do with the space, here are some ideas for what you can fit and how you can arrange them.


Furniture and Living Areas
Living Room

Living Room

Sectional pieces can define your living space, depending on their size. On the other hand, a multi-purpose coffee table can serve as a centerpiece and offer storage options, while an entertainment hub is essential for housing your TV, gaming consoles, and other media devices.

Kitchen and Dining

Your kitchen area or breakfast counter is great for additional space and casual dining. A small to medium-sized dining table with chairs or a bench can fit well in the dining area, where cabinets, shelves, or a pantry unit can also provide necessary storage spaces.


A loft bed or a pull-down bed can maximize your floor space. Utilizing freestanding wardrobes or custom-built closets can offer ample storage for clothes and other items. On the other hand, small tables or floating shelves can serve as nightstands.

Office Area

A compact desk with a comfortable chair creates a functional workspace, while bookshelves or filing cabinets help with organization and storage.


Additional Functional Spaces
Functional Spaces


Depending on the layout and space, you can fit a shower or bathtub. A vanity box with a sink and storage underneath is practical, while additional shelving or cabinets can store toiletries.

Laundry Area

A designated spot for a laundry basket and detergent storage keeps the space tidy. If the space allows, a washing machine may also fit in there.


Creative and Extra Spaces
Creative and Extra Spaces

Multi-functional Furniture

A sofa bed is useful for guests and can also be utilized as a living/sleeping area. An expandable dining table can be adjusted for more seating when needed, and ottomans with storage provide extra seating that doubles as storage space.

Storage Solutions

You can utilize space under the bed for seasonal items or extra bedding, while hanging shelves and hooks can be very useful as vertical space for additional storage. Custom-made shelves can also fit the unique size of your area.

Decor and Personal Touches

Rugs help define different zones within your open space. Floor lamps, hanging lights, and wall-mounted fixtures can create ambiance, while artwork, plants, and decor items can personalize your space.


Layout Tips

Furniture creates distinct areas for different purposes, such as a living area, dining area, and workspace. Take advantage of the high ceilings by installing tall shelves or a lofted bed area. Keep the space feeling open and airy by using furniture that doesn’t block sightlines. Furniture or other pieces on wheels can be rearranged easily for different needs or events.

By carefully selecting and arranging furniture and utilizing multi-functional and space-saving solutions, you can create a comfortable and efficient living environment in a loft-style condominium unit.

Layout Tips

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