Celebrating 70 Years of Linton Incorporated: A Pillar in the Steel Industry

Admin May 27, 2024

As Linton Incorporated marks its 70th founding anniversary this year, the company takes pride in its commitment to the Philippine steel industry. Over the last seven decades, Linton has grown from a small company to a powerhouse, influencing the nation’s skyline and contributing to global construction projects.

Linton’s success is built on a thorough understanding of market demands, premium quality, and a strong desire to innovate. Linton has continually adapted to changing industry needs while upholding its core values by adopting cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.


A Stalwart in Steel

Linton Incorporated, which was established in the Philippines in the early 1950s, has a reputation for excellence and dependability when it comes to offering structural steel solutions. Linton is known for its steel components that ensure strength, durability, and safety—components that serve as the foundation behind the impressive construction of malls, high-rise buildings, and infrastructure projects around the country.

Linton has been involved in the construction of many institutions in the Philippines, including:

  • Philippine Children’s Medical Centre
  • Glorietta Activity Center
  • Ombudsman Annex Building
  • Park Terraces Building
  • Sucat Interchange Building
  • LRT Line 1- Roosevelt Station
  • Cavitex Toll Plaza
  • Ayala Mall – Circuit Makati
  • Circuit Lane – Main Structure
  • Mindanao Grains

Providing livelihoods

Along the way, Linton has prospered as a top supplier and grown to play a significant role in the economy by providing livelihoods to many Filipinos and advancing the construction industry. The opportunities the company has created for professionals, engineers, and skilled workers across generations have defined its legacy as much as its products.

Providing livelihoods

Service and collaboration

One of Linton’s defining characteristics is its steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. The company’s collaborative approach with architects, engineers, and developers ensures that customized solutions exceed expectations. This customer-centric ethos has earned the trust and loyalty of industry partners.

Best practices

As Linton celebrates this milestone, the company’s impact goes far beyond steel manufacturing. The company’s contributions include community development initiatives, environmental stewardship, and the promotion of best practices in the construction industry.
Nobleland Ventures inc., Linton’s Manila-based real estate development and holding company that develops residential, commercial, and office spaces, was founded in 1994 and is evidence of its commitment to enabling people to envision and improve the lifestyle they choose to a high standard.


Mastery of the steel industry

Linton upholds a deep understanding of steel’s properties and applications, enabling the company to establish a high standard of service for seventy years.

✓ Structural steel is widely used across various industrial projects due to its strength and versatility, offering essential support and creative freedom for innovative designs.

✓ In shopping malls, structural steel provides the framework for expansive open spaces, mezzanines, and intricate designs, allowing for large, column-free retail areas.

✓ In office buildings, structural steel enables the construction of towering skyscrapers with long spans and open floor plans, facilitating dynamic workspaces within urban skylines.

✓ Structural steel is crucial for building bridges, ensuring strength and load-bearing capacity for safe and efficient passage over rivers, valleys, and roads, regardless of the scale of the bridge.

Looking ahead, Linton remains well-positioned to lead the industry into the future. With a strategic vision and a foundation of integrity, Linton continues to invest in research and development, exploring new frontiers in steel technology and sustainability.

The 70th anniversary of Linton Incorporated commemorates not only a rich history but also a bright future. As the world looks for innovative solutions to sustainable infrastructure, Linton is ready to forge ahead, carrying on its legacy of excellence while embracing tomorrow’s challenges.

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